Hexus. WIP#1

Work In Progress / 23 December 2020

Hey, this is my first time using this blog. Wanted to start sharing my progress more. 

This is my latest project. Concept is by the amazing Nicola Saviori - https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8emrYx

For this project, I wanted to make him a game ready asset for my portfolio. I also wanted to improve on my surfacing/texture skills in Substance Painter, delve into some xgen in maya, and try rendering in arnold. So yeah, lots of new things to work on in this project.

My initial blockout. I like to use primitive shapes as different subtools as long as I can before deciding to merge and retop.

More blockout and refinement overall.

Getting the bird in there. Thinking how I am going to pull off that fire look.